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Infrastructure as a code is the management of infrastructure in a descriptive model that enables an organization to develop, deploy, and scale cloud applications with greater speed that too at a lesser risk and reduced cost. This automation helps the developers by eliminating the need for them to manually manage servers, database connections, storage, and other elements.

In a time when it’s not uncommon for an enterprise to deploy hundreds of applications into the production day in day out it is important for the organization to automate infrastructure in order to control costs, reduce risks, and respond to business opportunities at a greater speed. IaaC makes the automation possible.

It is one of the important DevOps practices, crucial to a competitive paced software delivery lifecycle. This enables the teams to rapidly create and version infrastructure exactly in the same manner as they version source code along with tracking of these versions in order to avoid inconsistency amidst the IT Environments which might lead to serious deployment issues.



Equipping traditional IT is a time-consuming and costly process as it requires the physical setup of the hardware as well as installation and configuration of operating system software and connection of middleware, networks, storage, and much more by the expert personnel.

Virtualization and cloud-native development dissolve the problem of managing the hardware physically and helps the developers in provisioning their own virtual servers and containers when in demand. Infrastructure as a code in the final step enables the developers to order up the fully documented, versioned infrastructure, all of it by executing a script. The benefits are what you can imagine it to be:

Faster time to production

Infrastructure as a code rapidly speeds up the process of provisioning infrastructure development, testing, and production phases. This is done because IaaC codifies and documents literally everything. It can also automate the provisioning of legacy infrastructure, which otherwise might end up being governed by time-consuming processes.

Improved Consistency

Manual processes do result in mistakes. As the famous saying goes, ‘To err is human’. Manual infrastructure management at some will result in discrepancies, however hard you try. Configuration drift is generally seen when there are ad-hoc configuration changes updates which result in mismatched development, testing, and deployment environments. This might result in issues at deployment, increasing security vulnerabilities and risks while developing applications and services those of which need to meet strict regulatory compliance standards. The best part is that IaaC prevents drift by provisioning the same environment each and every time.

Efficient Deployment

IaaC can ensure to accelerate every phase of the software delivery lifecycle by simplifying provisioning and ensuring consistency in the infrastructure. With the help of this developers can easily accelerate provision sandboxes along with the continuous integration and continuous deployment environments.

Lowered Costs and Improved ROI

Apart from reducing time, effort, and specialized skill to provision and scale infrastructure, IaaC helps organizations to take advantage of cloud computing’s consumption-based cost structure. It also lets the developers spend less time on fixing the issue and focus more on developing better, innovative software solutions.

Infrastructure as a code is one of the crucial parts of DevOps. If you take in account that cloud computing is the first step towards solving many of the problems caused due to the management of the IT manually then it is fair to say that IaaC is the next logical step. IaaC not only takes cloud computing to fullest potential but also sets the developers and other professionals on the loose from performing manual and error-prone tasks thus improving the efficiency of their work.

Infrastructure as Code has an advantage added to it—that it has the ability to destroy the infrastructure and rebuild completely. What you can do is build specific environments for each release rather than having dedicated testing environments. Apart from this IaaC also reduces cost and improves software efficiency at all stages of the software development lifecycle.

CloudifyOps helps you transit from a rigid, manual, administrator dependent infrastructure to an automated, fluid and consistent infrastructure, which is managed through code and configurations. We leverage on-premise software like Chef, Ansible as well as various cloud services on AWS, Azure and GCP for resource provisioning and management in the cloud.

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