About CloudifyOps

What we do ?


Enable and transform your enterprise into a cloud-first Organization.
Architect & Design your new and upcoming projects to a stable and optimized Cloud Environment.


Operating at the cutting edge of cloud technology & DevOps, we believe in bringing efficiency via automation.
Managed IT Services with aggressive SLA’s and Continuous Monitoring.


Expertise in handling End to End Cloud and Application projects from Conception to Execution.
From our Technical Team to Client Facing personnel, we believe in exceeding expectations.

Why CloudifyOps ?

Are you a Global Enterprise providing multitude of services or Startup with an Awesome product?
Are you looking for someone you can trust with Designing , Implementing , managing and monitoring your critical IT & Development infra ?

We believe “Cloudify IT, Simplify IT”!

We are a company with DevOps and Cloud in our DNA.

CloudifyOps enables businesses to become more agile and innovative through a comprehensive portfolio of services that addresses hybrid IT transformation, Cloud transformation, and end-to-end DevOps Workflows.

We are passionate about what we do and are very good at it. The novelty and the excitement of the work is what drives us more than anything else.

Cloud Services



Cloud Consulting

☁   Exploratory evaluations
   We’ll help you assess your goals, challenges , and areas of opportunities. From there, we define an Enterprise-Wide cloud adaptation , complete with ROI & TCO

☁   Cloud strategy
   Build sustainable competitive advantage in a fast-paced digital world with the right cloud strategy tailored to your business objectives. We help you overcome the barriers to cloud adoption.


Cloud Transformation

Our Cloud Transformation Services accelerates time to value from cloud by combining our transformation process with prebuilt solution blueprints, made‑for‑the‑cloud tools and options for public, private or hybrid cloud landing zones.

 ☁ Proven Transformation workflow
 ☁ Assess and plan | Setup | Migrate | Manage
 ☁ Wide Range of Solution Templates and Blue Prints
 ☁ Made-For-Cloud Tools for quicker and efficient      Transformation
 ☁ Hybrid Cloud Support for Maximum Flexibility


Cloudify Your Apps

So you’re ready to run your custom-built application in the cloud. Congratulations! But there’s one question to you may want to consider before launching it in your private cloud, or Amazon’s public cloud: Will it work?

CloudifyOps team provides recommendations and remediations by analyzing the entire application from a high level approach and “Cloudify your App”!

DevOps Services



DevOps Configuration Management:

DevOps is a collaborative way of developing and deploying software. We help organizations to align with the goal rapidly and reliably producing high-quality software-based products and services. Therefore Automation is the most important for DevOps.
   ⚙   Code Management & Automating your Platform
   ⚙   Automated error-free Provisioning & Configuration
   ⚙   Bringing up Servers In Deploy Real state
   ⚙   Scale up Servers within Minutes


Continuous Integration – Automation:

Code Inception and Continuous Integration is a key component of a Development practices. CloudifyOps helps doing these integrations and builds on a regular, preferably daily basis to improve the productivity to the team as a whole.
      Well Tested Code workflows
      Improved Code Quality
      Verified Artifacts ready for deploy
      Build & Code quality reports


Continuous Delivery – Orchestration:

Automating the deployment makes an organization more efficient and agile. It cuts down on the production time and possible manual errors in the configurations. We offer:
      Automated Error-Free Faster Deployment
      Single Click or Continuous Deployment
      Single Tool Deploying In All Environments
      Deployment Metrics

Managed IT Services

CloudifyOps offers managed services to monitor and manage your IT infrastructure, so you can focus on what matters most – your business.


Application Management Services

High Performance and Reliable management of SaaS, PaaS and In-house applications to meet the dynamic business & security needs of an organisation.


Hybrid IT Management Services

Enabling the adequate governance and control to ensure seamless delivery in a federation of data and resources between internal and third-party datacenters with zero disruption to business.


Managed Services in a Box

A cost effective Managed Services Solution, for small and medium businesses to overcome the challenge of managing their IT and lets them singularly focus on their business operations & growth.


Enterprise Vulnerability Management

Discovery, Reporting & Remediation services for organizations to proactively identify and mitigate vulnerabilities to safeguard enterprise data from breaches and threat.