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Profile - Kumaradas P.K.

“Kumar is the backbone of our Technology team. His passion and dedication in creating capable all-rounders in the field of Cloud and DevOps is truly commendable. And he doesn’t stop there! Read on to learn about Kumar’s journey at CloudifyOps.”

About Yourself |
Tell us about your educational background and previous experiences.

From a B.Tech. grad in Electronics and Communication to a Cloud & DevOps Architect, my career has been an adventure! Calicut University equipped me with electronics and communication knowledge, but life had other plans. I began my career as a System Administrator, transformed into a Middleware Engineer, and eventually embraced the role of a Cloud Engineer. Finally, I embraced the all-encompassing world of DevOps. After all, the Cloud and DevOps are like blurred lines, so Cloud & DevOps Architect it is!

How did you hear about us and what interested you in joining our team?

My journey to CloudifyOps was serendipitous, guided by connections that spanned professional and personal realms.  Here’s how it unfolded:

A common friend who understood my passion for cutting-edge technology introduced me to the CEO of CloudifyOps. Over a telephonic discussion with my CEO, I glimpsed the company’s vision which is a fusion of Cloud Innovation and DevOps excellence. Curiosity arose, and I reached out to my former managers and mentors. They held the company in high regard, acknowledging its remarkable growth and distinctiveness compared to other organizations. Their insights aligned with my vision and aspirations. Finally, I met the CEO and CTO in person. Their enthusiasm was contagious, the vision unwavering. That conversation sealed the deal — I wanted to be part of this journey.

About Your Profession |

What do you love most about the Cloud and DevOps field?

The Cloud and DevOps field is like a dynamic puzzle that never stays the same – It’s an ever-evolving landscape where innovation is constant.

Here’s why I’m hooked:

Imagine a tech landscape that’s always evolving, like a living organism. That’s the Cloud and DevOps world. It keeps me on my toes, learning, adapting, and staying ahead of the game.

Every time we architect a solution that runs like a clock (It is tough!), it’s a victory. It’s the satisfaction of knowing that – we’re not just keeping up but shaping the future.  We’re like digital wizards. We tackle challenges such as scaling, security, and efficiency and devise refined solutions.

What is on your wish list for CloudifyOps?

Firstly it’s important to me that we stay ahead of the curve regarding technology. We should always be eager to embrace changes, innovations, and trends. The digital tide never waits, and neither should we. Whether it’s AI, serverless computing, or be it anything, let’s embrace change with open arms.

Additionally, I am looking forward to expanding our knowledge of emerging technologies so that we’re always ready to tackle challenges head-on.  When the next big wave arrives, we won’t just ride it; we’ll ride it like pros.  My vision also includes empowering every team member to reach their potential by fostering an environment where ideas flow freely and partnerships thrive.

How do you motivate yourself to do the best for yourself and the organization?

Motivation is the secret sauce that propels us beyond the ordinary. For me, it’s a blend of personal satisfaction, a dash of curiosity, and a whole lot of comradeship. Let me break it down.

  • Picture that moment the code “compiles” flawlessly, and the “deployment” sails smoothly. It’s like nailing a high note in a symphony.
  • Imagine you step onto the field, and your team surrounds you. They’re not just colleagues; they’re cheerleaders. It’s like having an IPL crowd chanting, “You’ve got this!” except it’s for every sprint, every deployment.
  • Then it is about constantly wanting to get better and find new, better, or smarter ways of doing things.

So, it’s a mix of wanting to do great things, personal growth, and the awesome people I work with – that keeps me motivated to give my all, not just for myself but for the success of our organization.

Journey with CloudifyOps |
How have you grown professionally while on our team?

Now, let’s talk about growth. During my tenure here, I’ve been on a rocket ride. I’ve experienced substantial professional growth.

I’ve had the privilege of working on high-impact projects, which has deepened my technical expertise and leadership skills. It’s all about projects that move mountains—cloud migrations, DevSecOps fortresses, you name it. Each project has been a masterclass.

The collaborative and challenging environment here has been instrumental in my growth as a technology leader. We’re not lone wolves here, rather we’re like a wolf pack. The collaborative buzz here is electric.

What was the most fun moment with the team?

The most delightful moments with the team often occur during cultural festival celebrations. Forget deadlines, the most epic team fun explodes during these celebrations! We ditch work worries and unite to celebrate. Sure, there’s feasting, merriment & games, but the real blast comes from diving into the spirit of our traditions. These shared experiences – the laughter, the colors, the delicious chaos – become priceless memories that forge an unbreakable bond between us.

Upskilling and Certifications |
What is the one thing you learned in the last month related to your work?

In the last month, I’ve learned about one of the latest advancements in Kubernetes for container orchestration. This newfound knowledge wasn’t just theoretical but is poised to enhance one of our client’s containerized applications, optimizing performance, and scalability.

What do you like about the learning/training initiatives at CloudifyOps?

I appreciate how CloudifyOps invests in continuous learning and development. We don’t just talk about growth, we invest in it. CloudifyOps’ commitment to providing ongoing training opportunities and encouraging employees to pursue certifications aligns perfectly with my growth-oriented mindset.

Culture at CloudifyOps |
What are three words you would use to describe CloudifyOps?

 Innovative, Collaborative, and Impactful

What has your experience been with our company culture?

The company culture at CloudifyOps is truly inclusive and supportive. It encourages creativity, empowers employees to take ownership, and fosters a sense of belonging. We’re not cogs in a machine rather I feel like we’re co-creators. And as we shape solutions, we also shape ourselves—personally and professionally. It’s a culture that whispers, “You matter.”

How would you describe your team?

Our team is highly skilled, diverse, and driven by a shared passion for technology. We collaborate seamlessly, challenge each other to excel, and are always eager to learn and adapt to new challenges.

What are some things you’ve noticed about our leadership team?

Within CloudifyOps, our leadership team stands as a beacon. They’re not just dedicated but visionaries. Their commitment to our success is unwavering, and they lead by example. Innovation & Collaboration aren’t buzzwords for them, it’s their heartbeat.

Words of advice |
What advice would you give to someone who wants to enter this field?

For those venturing into the Cloud and DevOps realm, here’s my compass:

Stay curious and committed to learning. The technology landscape evolves rapidly, so invest in ongoing education and certifications. Imagine curiosity as your secret weapon – keep it sharp!

Gain practical experience by working on real-world projects and experimenting with cloud platforms and DevOps tools. Theory is just the appetizer; practice is the feast. Dive into real-world projects.

Build a professional network by attending industry events and engaging with peers. 

Develop your problem-solving skills, as Cloud and DevOps often involve troubleshooting complex issues.

Consider pursuing relevant certifications to validate your expertise and boost your career prospects. They’re like passports, unlocking doors to uncharted territories

Lastly, maintain a genuine passion for technology and innovation. It’s what will drive your success and fulfillment in this field.

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